Tuesday, October 25, 2011

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 The Best Cheap Clothes 2011

The Best Cheap Clothes 2011


Hello there :)

Deepavali holiday. Off 3 days! (^3^) But I need to plan what to do with my free time or I'll let it go to waste. :( Hmph.

Went out with Xuan yesterday after school. So late minute. Heheheh, I like people who are ON. Call them up and ask if they wanna go out, and all they ask is where and when. And then I said I'll come in about 30 minutes.

15 minutes to get ready, 15 minutes to go there. Mmm. Ate at Rakuzen in Desa Park. They didn't have my favourite Kabocha Salad :( It's like a pumpkin mashed shit. And it's seasonal! Yummy things please stayyy.

Two girls sitting there. Girl chat. Ranting about things. Squealing about things. Xuan can really eat when she has the mood. Damn. I wonder where her fats goes. Bwaahahah! After Rakuzen, she wanted donuts and more junk food and 32F. Our supermarket hauls on the sofa behind. ^^

King Jiat called. DPC kia. He was at DPC and saw my car. "Why didn't call me out?!". Pattern again lolol. Went to visit him a while. In his house. I liked the older guard better. This one so... arrogant. Told King Jiat. He was like, "yala, I feel like slapping him also!".

His house was like a magnet that night. Daniel called. Xuan answered. Daniel didn't recognise her voice, damn noob. Xuan told him King Jiat was showering, can't pick up the phone. That must've sound so wrong to Daniel. Lolol. But he came a while later. House so near.

And then Xian Jiong with Qi Yao. Flopped around in King Jiat's room. Lights out, music on. Played iPad gossip gossip. Daniel showed us hot girls from his school. Xian jiong damn excited, keep stealing the iPad away. Xuan xuan's.

And then went to some cafe thing. Teenage dudes hangout. Fag fag fag. Saw Ahmad them. Saw SMK Kepong Baru people. Hahah! Said hi to Chan Yee. His friends were laughing at him. I dunno why lol. King Jiat also said hi to them, his ex-school friends. Sigh. So sad in a nostalgic way. Last time buddies, now like strangers.

Oh yeah. Daniel drives like a saint. My god. He knows his wheels. But the thing with really good drivers is that they're always over-confident. Him, Shao yang. He played the DJ app on iPad while driving wtf!

I dunno wad the cafe place was called. Xuan was kind of tired at that point, I could tell. So Theng Loo fetched us back to King Jiat's house to get my car.

That was the end. See! That's why you should always dress your best. You'll be prepared to meet anyone, and at your best. Planned to go home at 9, but arrived home around midnight in the end. Bwahahahoho